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The SBT Home and Travel is the perfect companion for those on the constant move looking for the affordable and mobile solution to Suspension Exercise.  Weighing in at only 19.2 Ounces and streamlined for minimum adjustment and set up time, you are ready for your workout at a gym, home, or park.  The multi-function top end is fitted with 4 anchoring positions giving you a maximum length of 5 feet when hanging off a standard door frame and just the right height when using over a cable crossover in a gym with the typical height of 8 feet.  All you have to do is place it over your door at the level that you need, close the door, and you’re ready to go.  If you want to use it around a bar or beam, it is also equipped with a loop opening at the top which allow the user to simply loop it around the desired sturdy object, run the two arms through the loop, and lock in place for use. 

The SBT Home and Travel is constructed out of the same Heavy Weight Polypropylene with a maximum breaking strength of 1800 lbs used in our original line of Suspension Exercise Systems.  Each arm is independent from the other as in our other models giving the user maximum safety and functionality along with SBT’s functionally designed patented bottom end offering you the mobility and functionality only found with SBT.  Different from our standard models, the SBT Home & Travel does not have buckles to allow for raising and lowering each arm independently.  The SBT Home and Travel is adjusted by positioning the upper strap over your door at the specific tab that will have it at the needed distance for the workout being performed.  For adjusting over a bar, the user would loop the top strap multiple times to shorten prior to passing the handles and arms through the upper loop. 

Simple, Lightweight, Versatile, and Rugged with the acclaimed functionalities of our Original, 4th Generation, and Commercial Club models. 


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