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The SBT Club is constructed of the highest quality polypropylene webbing with a maximum breaking strength of 1800 lbs on each independent arm.  Steel cam buckles are used for the adjustment mechanism while steel d-rings and a heavy duty Carabiner are used to secure the mounting of the system.  All SBT Systems are designed to hang from a mounting point no higher than 9 feet.  When mounting on a higher anchor point, the SBT Extended Mounting Strap is needed which will add another 31 inches of mounting flexibility for a total of 10.59 feet in total length versus 8ft of total length with the standard mounting strap.

Included with each unit are the two independent arms, universal attachment strap with carabiner, set up and workout DVD, carry bag, SBT wrist bracelet

What is different about the Club Model? The SBT Club Model is exactly the same as the 4th Generation with one change. The Carabiner used in all models to join the two arms of the system to the top multi use attachment strap is replaced by a locking D-Link.  This system is manually built and put together at our manufacturing plant and shipped with the D-Link locked tight and assured with Lock-tight thread locker.

Why is this important to the club owner?  It prevents members of staff that are not professionally trained or knowledgeable on using the system properly from setting it up wrong or using parts of the system as standalone tools to pull tires, sleds, or other activities in the gym for which the SBT is not designed for. It also prevents theft at the club level and completely eliminates the possibility of an improper set up out of the box as needs to be done by the end user with all other models.

Additional Information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 x 5 x 5 in


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