SBT was established in 2011 by Paul Solis with the goal of bridging the gap between the current market offerings of Suspension Exercise Based Training and true functionality dedicated to maximum performance.

While performance is perceived differently from population to population, it all takes a full circle back to basics. The question that gave birth to SBT was, “are the current suspension based products on the market truly versatile, safe, and functional”? They were not. The human body is not a machine but rather a fluid being with full ranges of motion and a specific way that we all create force, power, stability, and momentum.
If we go to the simplicity of walking, every step that you take is done as a result of ground reactive forces. If your foot is not on the ground, applying force with the bottom of the foot, where plantar flexion and subsequent dorsi flexion occur with every step, we would not walk. Take that to athletics or sport and consider running a marathon on a rigid stiff ankle without driving from the bottom of your foot and plantar flexing! Seems pretty unrealistic correct? Well, this is exactly what everyone was and is still doing when they work the posterior chain on anything other than an SBT Extreme Suspension System. Therefore the birth of SBT came to existence. With SBT the user has the ability to finally place their feet in a product that allows common sense positioning of the feet in both a supine and prone position along with a top attachment system free of the commonly seen see-saw motion that has been reported to cause many injuries as users unconsciously slip during a movement.

With these concepts in mind, SBT reached out the NFPT’s (National Federation of Professional Trainers) Physiologist and International Workshop Director Felix Doval and contracted his assistance in the final developments, science, educational program, and continued development consultation for the company.

Today SBT is the only suspension product that has the endorsement of a Nationally Accredited Certification Organization and an educational platform consisting of two workshop certification programs awarded CEC Approval by NFPT, NASM, ACE, NSCA, NCSF, AFAA, & BOC.
SBT can be used at fitness enterprises such as Orange Theory Fitness, LA Fitness, Colleges, Universities, High End Personal Training Facilities, Private Home Users, and has traveled across the globe to Canada, South Korea, Peru, Dominican Republic, Chile, Spain, Panama, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Argentina.

We look forward to connecting with you and bringing you the latest in Suspension Exercise Systems.

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